At The Peninsula New York


VU is an encapsulation of the hair industry and an eye for how it is defined, while leaving that idea visually, at the door. Vu’s vision for his space, was one in which he had an opportunity to offer not only the exacting detail that he is known for, but also to free his clients from the confines of their lives on street level. Reminding them, subtly, of the care that is given when he is allowed to direct.

Imagine - a salon which never felt like a salon, but felt more like home. That clients could literally rise 21 floors out of their days, and into an environment created solely for escapism. The idea that a day at a salon is about more than the cutting of hair, but just as much about the rejuvenation and reconnecting with ones self that it provides. While there will absolutely be an overtone of professional styling, What’s more important is that a client feels comfortable in the hands of others. An undertone of catering to, through caring for.

Soaring, above and beyond what they have come to know and expect from a salon. Above all the rest, residing on the penthouse floor of The Peninsula New York, a day with VU Hair, Is absolutely certain to be nothing but-

Very Unique. 

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