Vu Nguyen - Salon Owner


Vu's talent has been carefully cultivated over the course of the last eighteen years - centered in New York City on the legendary Fifth Avenue. His formal training began under the care of Mr. Frederic Fekkai, as his assistant, lasting nearly six years before he felt he was ready to branch out on his own - and make a name for himself. During his tenure as a hair stylist, Vu was able to garner valuable experience as he contributed to numerous runway shows for top fashion designers such as: Diane Von Furstenberg, John Varatos, Valentino and Chanel. In addition to being behind the scenes of the top fashion houses, Vu worked as a personal hair stylist to Julie Chan and Les Moonves from CBS, as well as Glen Ballie and Graydon Carter - editors of Vanity Fair. 

For years, Vu often found himself on the road, traveling to numerous destinations in the US as a representative for various products, but also refining his vision and compiling an internal view of the way his industry was composed. Vu's values and creative views are based on the philosophy that a hair style can be the foundation for greatness in any individual. It was these experiences and education as well as his personal maturation as a stylist that allowed him to formulate and devise the plan for his newest venture, his own salon - high atop the same Fifth Avenue where he first got his start.

Sharon Ramcharitar- Stylist

With her love of beauty encompassing every aspect of her life, Sharon has been able to apply her signature techniques, five star customer service skills, and keen eye for each client into the realm of hair care. Her in-depth consultations and professional expertise allows her to achieve a signature one-of-kind look that not only compliments a client’s inner beauty, but also shines a light on Sharon’s perfectionist outlook. 
Sharon has styled some of the world’s most high-profile clients, including: Kim Cattrall, Lindsay Lohan, Renee Zellweger and Kyra Sedwick. Her work has graced the pages of Glamour magazine and her expertise is showcased yearly on the runways of New York Fashion Week.
Wanting an environment that would allow a more one on one experience with her clients as well as an inviting customer service atmosphere, Sharon decided to join the Vu Hair New York team. With beautiful view from Fifth Avenue, all clients will feel like they are in the comfort of their own home. 

Mint Morant- Stylist


 Mint is a seasoned, multicultural stylist who has cultivated a sophisticated network of fashion forward patrons over her 20+ year career. She developed her prowess in New York’s high-end salons under celebrity stylists Mark Garrison and Frederic Fekkai where she customized her signature French precision cutting technique. Mint also developed a refined approach to male hair grooming in the Finance District which rounded out her design expertise. She became a regular fixture at New York’s Fashion Week, styling and handling major editorial shoots for industry magazines, and television makeovers along with anything creatively challenging that needed the attention to detail that she provides. Eventually, Mint struck out on her own, establishing her private referral only practice in 2008 in one of Brooklyn‘s trendiest neighborhoods, Fort Greene. She built a loyal clientele, sculpting distinctive looks tailored to their unique hair textures, cultural aesthetics and active lifestyles. As word-of-mouth spread quickly, she found herself styling some of the borough’s most influential taste makers who desired her unique approach and intimate details that had come to be her signature trademark of Hair Design. She is honored to be a part of VU HAIR in the Penthouse of The Peninsula. . . . Very Unique. 

Billy Dee Williams- Stylist

Danny Salles - stylist


Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Danny Salles is a self-described visionary artist who always defines individual style. Danny’s desire to thrive in an environment that was worthy of his ambitions is what brought him to New York City, where he joined the highly trained hair styling team at Vu Hair New York. Today, Danny is a junior stylist that specializes in gorgeous full body blow outs and Keratin treatments.

Tony Freay- stylist


A beauty industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, Tony is known for his contemporary approach to hair. Tony crafts anything from trendy short haircuts to long, sexy layers for his clients, who praise him for his ability to deliver effortless and edgy hairstyles—each one more unique than the next.




Edita Robertson, hair colorist at Vu Hair New York, is known for her artistry in creating bombshell blondes, ravishing reds, brass-free brunettes - and the most coveted, natural looking highlights in New York City. Training alongside her mentor Louis Likari, and working in the renowned Mark Garrison salon allowed Edita to immerse herself in knowledge, ultimately formulating her own technique and style. With her meticulous attention to detail, Edita truly believes that when listening to a client’s needs as well as inputting her personal expertise it creates the perfect experience and most complimentary hair color.  

Edita specializes in corrective color, transforming and perfecting with an eye to one's current hairstyle, complexion, eye color, bone structure… even professional and lifestyle. Edita believes the key to success is in a thorough consultation and listening to a client’s needs. It is them that she provides her professional input and creates an experience like no other.   

Melinda Nikka - COLORIST

Melinda Haxhari’s meticulous sense of detail and drive for perfection, combined with her passion for making others feel good about themselves ultimately lead her to pursue a career in the beauty industry. After her training in Louis Licari under master colorist and educator Kathy Galotti Melinda learned all aspects of color. Combining her knowledge in hair as well as refining her techniques she has created a customized experience for each client. She believes every woman has a very unique sense of beauty that can be dramatically enhanced if they have the right hair color. “It’s not just about matching skin tone with eye color; you also have to appeal to her sense of style. If you have the gift to visualize this combination, you have the power to bring out her truest form of beauty in the most natural way”.

Amy’s passion for hair and enhancing an individual’s natural beauty is what lead her to a successful 20 year career. Getting her start at AKS working under the color director for 3 years truly ignited Amy’s love for color. It was then that she began at Oscar Blandi Salon, where she would work for 17 years and establish the educational color program, one to this day that is the strongest color assistant programs in New York. Working in some of the best salons in NYC has provided her with extensive training and knowledge in all aspects of hair.  

With her ability to understand all dimensions of color, and creating her own signature technique, it has truly allowed Amy to customize each hair experience for her clients. Mastering highlights in the form of foils or balayage, adding richness to brunettes, and applying vibrancy to reds is Amy’s expertise.  

Amy prides herself in her work ethic and feels like communication is key. Tying in elements of eye color, skin tone, and lifestyle all helps Amy determine what color would be best suited and most complimentary to her clients. Amy truly believes that each and every client should have a customized color and experience, one that she strives to provide every single day. 


Jo Gulotta- Color Apprentice, Keratin Specialist

Growing up in a home full of girls Jo knew hair was not just a hobby, but a passion. Graduating Aveda Beauty School, and finishing up her associates degree in fashion design motivated Jo to take her career to the next level. It was then that she began at Oscar Blandi and trained under one of the top senior colorist who created the assistant color program, Amy for three years. Now working at Vu hair as a junior colorist and keratin specialist, Jo continues to improve her techniques and skills to provide the best experience for her clients.